Abby & BJ | Kalamazoo Public Library | Kalamazoo Engagement Photography

August 6, 2015
Awesome Frisbee Engagement Photography

Abby and BJ met me at a magazine cover photo shoot. It was for this amazing article on ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf. The whole group had fun and we made a dynamic cover shot for the magazine..lots of jumping and flinging!

These two love ultimate. They met playing ultimate frisbee in KUDL (Kalamazoo Ultimate Disc League - pronounced "cuddle"). That name is to friggin cute and so are these two.  Long story short - Abby asked BJ out. So a little later BJ comes up with a plan to pop the big question. BJ comes up with a plan to ask right on the Ultimate fields they met upon.  BJ asked Abby to go for a long throw. Unknown to Abby, BJ had Jacob (Best Guy) hiding with flowers, the ring, and a camera!

We had a great time making these photos. If you enjoy them please feel free to share on your Facebook or other social media addiction. Just make sure to give Holladay Photography a shout out or a link back!