Chloe + Andrew | Old Mill Place | Michigan Wedding Photography

November 18, 2016

Whether you call it "documentary style" or "journalistic style", my approach to photography is one of activity and constant movement.  I prefer to make photographs this way, as it allows me to capture the essence of the moment while it's unfolding.  Of all the weddings and events I've captured, none has been as much a test of athletic endurance as the wedding of Chloe and Andrew.  Lots of couples embody fun, spending lots of time on the move during their big day.  However, I've never before seen a couple spend more time dancing than these two - they barely left time to eat and refresh their drinks!  In the words of Michael Jackson's single "Blame It On The Boogie", they could not control their feet that night.

Their movement began as Chloe walked down the aisle of Plainwell's historic First Presbyterian Church to meet Andrew, who had already begun dancing with excitement as he waited to join hands and hearts with his bride.  From the moment "I do" left their lips, their dance together had officially begun.  For the rest of the evening, they danced around each other, toward each other, and with each other. Like the spirit in the Italian legend of the Tarantella, the enthusiasm with which they approached their celebration quickly spread as the dancefloor grew ever more crowded with revelers unable to resist the urge to join the celebration.


Couple | Chloe + Ryan
Reception | Old Mill Place
Michigan Wedding Photography | Erik Holladay-McCann & Randall Homrich at Holladay Photography
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