Kathleen + Steve | Cascade Hills Country Club | Grand Rapids, MI Wedding Photography

October 14, 2016
Classic Country Club Wedding Grand Rapids, MI Wedding Photography

True love is a thousand little things; laughing about something that is only funny to the couple, the way two hands just seem to find each other, the electric moment when their gazes meet.  It's the most powerful force known to man and has a way about it which captures the attention of everyone in the room.
From the moment that Kathleen began the walk down the aisle to meet Steve, their love for each other was felt by all in attendance and made for a day filled with priceless moments. This is one of the reasons I love doing wedding photography in Michigan. Couples that become friends!


Couple | Kathleen + Steve 
Date | 06.18.16
Michigan Wedding Photography | Erik Holladay-McCann & Randall Homrich at Holladay Photography