Rainbow + Heather | Hayloft Theater | Kalamazoo, Michigan Wedding Photography

November 25, 2016
Two Charming Brides Tied The Knot at an Historic Kalamazoo Theatre

It's time for Flashback Friday *hops in modified DeLorian to begin time-travel*.

Alright, now that we've got the nerdiness done and over with, it's time to recap one of the most unique and enjoyable weddings I (along with most everyone in attendance that day) I have ever had the privilege of witnessing (through the viewfinder of my trusty camera, of course).
The wedding in question, of course, would be that of Rainbow and Heather, who opted for a one-stop wedding held at the historic Hayloft Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Theirs was one of the first weddings to go up on the blog (you can find it here), so a jaunt down memory lane sounded like a great idea!
Weddings are about two people coming together as one, and that usually involves family and friends coming together, too.  Rainbow and Heather weren't contented to do the "usual stuff" in the "usual way" of being walked down the aisle by family, and the dances with mom or dad.  This was their special day, and so they wanted it to be done their special way; the bridesmaids all wore cowboy boots, yard games had a special place during the reception, and some of their family even helped provide the music and merriment for the evening! 
No matter how a couple chooses to celebrate their day, it should be a reflection of who they are and those things which they hold dear.  You don't need to look too closely to see the things that were especially important to Rainbow and Heather.  

Couple | Rainbow + Heather 
Ceremony + Reception | The Hayloft Theatre
Michigan Wedding Photography | Erik Holladay-McCann & Randall Homrich at Holladay Photography