WPPI 2015 || Las Vegas, NV

March 28, 2015

My first time to vegas in over 20 years. I am always looking to improve myself and my photography. WPPI was amazing. I love putting my hands on new products and feeling their quality. I super obsessed with the tactile feeling of prints and products! The experience itself was amazing..just not enough time to do everything! Las Vegas has changed so much. Staying on the strip was kind of like being on an alien world. We saw the sites, walked the expo at WPPI 2015 and drank the drinks. We saw the amazing stage production of Cirque de Soliel -KA.  I had a Sazerac that was amazing! The best thing about the whole trip was I got to spend all this time with my friends Randall, Caleb, and Jaimie.  Enjoy the photos!