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Best Photos of the Year 2016

The time has come when everyone looks back over the past lap around the sun, while simultaneously gazing optimistically toward the promises held in the new year. I always enjoy the opportunity presented in a stroll down memory lane, perusing the archives of the many photographs created over the 12 months previous, which inevitably dredges up every single one of the feels humanly imaginable. The tremendous joy, heartfelt tears and sidesplitting laughter held in each of the photographs captured and preserved over the past 365 days is truly something immense and powerful to face.

Best of 2014 - Holladay Photography

I am so grateful to so many people who have made this year such an amazing one. More than likely if you are reading this you are one of the reasons I am who I am as a photographer and a person. It has been another year of learning, trying, failing, and learning more. These are just a few of the frames that visualize my learning and the baby steps I am taking to a my new style and vision.Enjoy!

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My first time to vegas in over 20 years. I am always looking to improve myself and my photography. WPPI was amazing. I love putting my hands on new products and feeling their quality. I super obsessed with the tactile feeling of prints and products! The experience itself was amazing..just not enough time to do everything! Las Vegas has changed so much. Staying on the strip was kind of like being on an alien world. We saw the sites, walked the expo at WPPI 2015 and drank the drinks. We saw the amazing stage production of Cirque de Soliel -KA.  I had a Sazerac that was amazing!