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Amazing Cinematic Wedding Photography

This is the second of a trio of posts that recap the last 365 days of photo goodness here at Holladay Photography. If you have not seen the first post please go check it out here!

We love our couples. 2016 has been a year of collaboration and travel. Getting to know our new community here in Denver and flying back to Michigan to create beautiful photographs and amazing memories for some very special weddings. 

Classy Couple Said "Always & Forever" In Historic Dearborn, MI Museum

Ain't no wedding like a Greenfield Village wedding, 'cause a Greenfield Village wedding has a Model T as the getaway car! Not every couple can appreciate the stately beauty and simplicity found in the early 1900's.  Fortunately, though, Ed and Roz are not "every couple".  When planning their big day, they wanted to do something they'd never seen before and was unlikely to be rivaled or matched.  Is there any place that shouts "one-of-a-kind" more than the reproduction early 20th-century village found on the grounds of the Henry Ford Museum?

Whether you call it "documentary style" or "journalistic style", my approach to photography is one of activity and constant movement.  I prefer to make photographs this way, as it allows me to capture the essence of the moment while it's unfolding.  Of all the weddings and events I've captured, none has been as much a test of athletic endurance as the wedding of Chloe and Andrew.  Lots of couples embody fun, spending lots of time on the move during their big day.

Gorgeous bride: Check!  Handsome groom: Check!  Wedding set In a museum: Double Check!  Airborne ring delivery:  Oh, yes, you read that right!  Fun and joy were the order of the day when Lindsay and Cody made their eternal commitment to each other.  Friends, family, and even a 76' whale were on hand as witnesses to their once in a lifetime moment. 

Gold and Blue Classic Country Club Wedding

Throw back Thursday! 
Being able to photograph amazing couples as my job is amazing, and I've been lucky enough to work with many incredible people over the years.  Only a handful, though, have so fully embodied joy and spontaneity as David and Nadina.  Meeting them in early 2015 should have been a fairly routine consultation.  However, 3 hours and a rambling tangent about Star Wars later, I knew that these were two people after my own heart.

journalistic style winery wedding

You'd think that rain on your wedding day would wind up with a dull celebration, filled with family and friends whose spirits had been dampened by clouds and drizzle.  Josh and Michael, along with everyone near and dear to them, don't understand the meaning of the words "dreary" or "bland".  I've shot many weddings and events and loved each one.  There aren't many couples, though, who so fully embrace the concepts of life and joy as these two. 

Gorgeous Michigan outdoor wedding photographs

Here is a little Throwback Thursday archive love. As a wedding photographer, you have the amazing opportunity to photograph couples all over the country and in really interesting and unique places. The Bengal Wildlife Center located in Bath Township was so gorgeous. The small deck overlooking the picturesque water lands was such a perfect setting for Elizabeth and Thomas to be married on. Amongst loving family and friends the two had their first dance on the patio then boogied the night away inside the rec hall.