Wedding Photography

Julie and John's Wedding Photos

Julie and John have this amazing chemistry. Their personalities mesh together so well.  It was a blast to get to travel to Reno, hang with their families and friends, and photograph their wedding!

Alison and Darryl's Wedding Photos

Alison and Darryl are such a warm and caring couple! Their love for each other can be seen every time they make eye contact. The whole family was very inviting.  I don't think I have gotten that many hugs  in that short amount of time ever! Loved it!

Beautiful Wedding Colors

I am a nerd. Very proud of that aspect of my life. So when I met Amanda and Jason to talk about photographing their wedding in Battle Creek, Michigan and the second sentence out of her mouth was something like “We are nerds and our wedding is going to have a small star wars theme...” I got really excited. I believe we talked about Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly for the next hour! They are two of the nicest people. I felt like a close friend almost immediately after meeting them and their families.

First Look and Kelly and Aleks Wedding Photos

FIRST LOOK : We had such a great time photographing Kelly and Aleks wedding! Such a great couple who truly showed their love for each other and their families. They had a beautiful ceremony at St. Joseph Catholic Church and fantastic reception at Gull Lake Country Club. Here is a little sneek peek...More to come. 

Karla and Dino's First Look at Wedding Photos

Amazing, stupendous, loving, real...these words were overheard a million times during the wedding of Karla and Dino Leone! I was incredibly honored and excited when I was asked to photograph this wedding. I met Karla at my friends Claire and Mike’s wedding and her personality and kindness were just as electric as her smile...and of course Dino is just one very cool guy. Their vows brought the whole party to loving.   I got to spend three days with both friends and family, I have been amazed at the love and kindness from everyone here.

Wedding Photos in Cancun

Karla and Dino are amazing people..and now amazing friends. They had such an intimate and emotional wedding with about 40 close friends and family in Cancun, Mexico at the gorgeous resort Zoetry Riviera. As a wedding photographer I witness a lot of weddings. All are emotional, but Karla and Dino’s was a tear jerker. Their love for each other is palpable. I look forward to see where their love takes them.

Wedding Photos - Claire and Mike

Finally catching up on blog posts! Love going back and looking through the photos of the people and families I have met throughout the past couple years. Claire and Mike’s Wedding was amazing. They had great food, pizza! Awesome wedding cupcakes, and an fantastic band that played great music for the reception. I met and made some great friends at this wedding and will always be a great friend of Mike and Claire despite their move to Las Vegas. Enjoy the photos!

Wedding Photography - Kat and Kale

Kale had to get a visa to come get married to the amazing and gorgeous Kat. Such a great love story. Man from Canada falls in love with a beautiful American girl. Where is that movie? The wonderful details and amazing reception setting made this wedding extra special.

Marissa and Charlie Wedding Photos

I got so excited when Marissa and Charlie told me their would be super heroes involved in their wedding. We had the best time braving sweltering temperatures to create our very own super hero portraits. They are a fun couple with a kind and caring attitude.  I was a lucky guy to get to document their special day.